Every industry has the need for rugged, reliable, yet economical blowers and exhausters capable of handling up to 10,000 cfm at medium to high constant pressure. “PE” & “RPB” Blowers and Exhausters fulfill this requirement. Seventeen models and a wide range of accessories and special construction options have been developed over the years. Most air handling jobs which fall within the 50 cfm to 10,000 cfm range, at pressures up to 83" S.P., can be handled with an “PE” or “RPB” Blower or Exhauster.


“PE” and “RPB” Blowers and Exhausters are widely used in the chemical process industries, primary metal, foundry, glass and metalworking industries, by original equipment manufacturers as well as in general manufacturing. Typical applications include: paper manufacturing & processing, hood or tank exhaust, combustion air for oil or gas furnaces, cupola work, grinding or buffing machine exhaust, air curtains, paper drying, ink drying, tank & vapor exhaust, and other air pollution control applications, engine & motor cooling, fluid bed aeration, metal, wood & plastic conveying, structure inflation, pneumatic conveying, gas boosting plus dozens of similar air or gas moving jobs. “PE” & “RPB” Blowers and Exhausters are also used as components on equipment and systems designed and manufactured for resale.


“PE” & “RPB” Blowers and Exhausters are similar in design and construction. Both are available with fabri-cated steel (F.S.) or cast iron (C.I.) housings. The differ-ence, generally, is that the “RPB” models provide higher pressures and lower volumes, while the “PE” models pro-vide higher volumes at lower pressures. There is some overlap in ratings. A Sales Engineer will RPB-commend the correct unit for your specific operating conditions.


Housing material selection is based on operating condi-tions and, to some degree, on cost. Cast iron (C.I.) units

are of a heavier, more rugged construction. They are inherently resistant to erosion, and trace amounts of corrosives. Cast iron (C.I.) “PE” & “RPB” Blowers and Exhausters are somewhat quieter in operation. Fabricated steel (F.S.) housings are more economical, and lighter in weight for easier installation. Horsepower consumption of fabricated steel (F.S.) units is slightly lower for a given CFM and pressure. For corrosive environments, “PE” & “RPB” Blowers and Exhausters in special metals, fiberglass, or with special coatings, are usually the correct choice. Consult with your Sales Engineer on specific construction based on your operation conditions. A full line of accessories and special features is available for each type of construction.


Forge provides the most complete selection of fans and blowers engineered and manufactured for industrial service. “PE” & “RPB” Blowers and Exhausters cover a range of capacities, pressures and operating conditions detailed in this Bulletin. For system requirements outside the scope of the “PE” & “RPB" line, offers Industrial Exhausters, Volume Fans and "CB” and “R” Pressure Blowers (see back cover of this Bulletin). Series “H” and Series “L” Heavy Duty Fans meet the demanding requirements for high capacities and pressures for such applications as industrial boiler draft, air pollution control systems, and large kiln or drier service.

Selecting the correct fan or blower to meet specific oper-ating conditions requires a thorough knowledge of air handling. The Sales Engineer in your area has this knowledge. He is a graduate engineer who has successfully completed s in-house engineering training program. He is fully qualified to help you select the Fan or Blower needed for your application. He has, at his disposal, ’s computer-based fan selection programs. These programs cover industrial fans and blowers, and may be used simply to select a special wheel diameter for an “PE” Blower or to optimize selection among several fans for a large industrial coal fired boiler. You can rely on this combination of Sales Engineering Representation and computer back-up to provide the engineering assistance you need to assure proper fan or blower selection and application. 


Standard construction for “PE” and “RPB” Blowers and Exhausters consists of cast iron (C.I.) or fabricated steel (F.S.) housings, riveted steel wheels, cast iron hubs or spiders, welded steel base support under bearings and motor, and steel shafts. Materials of construction options include: coatings, rubber lining, fiberglass construction, and a wide range of special metal wheels and housings to resist corrosion or erosion.

Type “PE” cast housings are interchangeable for clockwise or counterclockwise rotation - except Size 8E which is available only in clockwise rotation. Type “RPB” cast housings are only furnished for counterclockwise rotation.

However, fabricated steel (F.S.) housings are available in either rotation.

ptional accessories for the “PE” and “RPB” line include: slip or flange connections, inlet screen or filters, sound attenuators, drain connections, heat slingers, shaft seals, stuffing boxes, butterfly valves, vibration isolators, belt guards, coupling guards and all-weather covers. These accessories and options, some of which are illustrated on the following page, extend the versatility of the “PE” and “RPB” line, enabling you to cope with a wide variety of air and fume handling problems. The Sales Engineer in your area is qualified to help you select the correct combination to meet your operating conditions.

An “PE” Blower, arrangment 1, in cast iron (C.I) housed construction, counterclock-wise rotation, top horizontal discharge. Note heat slinger.

The cast iron (C.I) housed “PE” Exhauser, arrangment 4, has clockwise rotation, top horizontal discharge, with wheel mounted directly on motor shaft.

A fabricated steel (F.S.) housed “PE” Blower with counterclockwise rotation and top horizontal discharge.

This cast iron (C.I.) housed “PE” Exhauster, in arrangment 8 features counterclockwise rotation, upblast discharge with flanged outlet, heat slinger, stuffing box, and coupling guard.


A complete selection of accessories is available for “PE” & “RPB" Blowers and Exhausters. These accessories make it possible for you to have a blower or exhauster which will meet your exact system require-ments. Your Sales Engineer is fully qualified to

help you select the accessories necessary for a given set of circumstances. He will be pleased to work with you to “customize” a “PE” & “RPB” Blower or Exhauster for your system.

INLET FILTER - Removes foreign matter from the inlet air stream. Toggle-type fitting permits easy removal for clearing.

COUPLING GUARD - Completely covers the coupling for full protection. Lock-form construction with four hold-down fasteners.

BELT GUARD - Provides personnel protection. Fabricated from heavy guage steel utilizing lock-form construction. Two piece design for ease of belt inspection and service.

HEAT SLINGER - This cast aluminum rotor draws ambient air over the shaft. The inboard bearing is shielded from heat radiating from the housing. The slinger also dissipates heat conducted through the shaft. A stuffing box, between heat slinger and housing, is a Iso available.

TAPPED DRAIN - For the removal of moisture, a Vz" tapped drain is provided. Larger drains up to IV2" maximum, and flanged drains are also available.

STUFFING BOX - Prevents leakage around shaft entrance through housing. Three rows of packing and a grease ring are used. If a gas tight installation is required, a fan housing with flanged inlet and outlet is supplied, in additiontothestuffing box. A pressure decay test may be performed at the factory, if specified.



This standard arrangement 8 cast iron (C.l.) "E” Blower, with motor and coupling factory mounted, is fitted with optional flanged inlet and outlet and coupling guard.

This Type "RPB” paddle wheel is used to handle stringy materials. The paddle wheel is available in arrangement 1, 4 or 8 for “PE” and “RPB” Blowers and Exhausters.

A typical Type “PE” wheel showing standard riveted construction. This central hub design is furnished to accommodate stuffing box on arrangements 1, 4 or 8.

Riveted Type “PE” wheel with offset hub for use with standard shaft seal on arrangement 1, 4 or 8. The offset hub permits use of standard frame motors for arrangement 4.

Riveted Type “RPB” wheel with spider arms and central hub for arrangements 1, 4 and 8. The double flange is used where the fan is handling particles, to avoid build-up on the wheel.

These illustrations show the standard slip connections as provided on both cast iron (C.L) and fabricated steel (F.S.) “PE” and “RPB” Blowers and Exhausters.

A shaft seal is used to limit leakage at the shaft. Split construction permits inspection and replacement of asbestos seal.



This 5E Exhauster, in cast iron (C.l.) construction, is coated inside and out with PVC, as are the wheel and end of shaft. The inlet has a companion flange to mate to customer's PVC piping. The outlet flange is American Standard 125 lb. drilling for standard PVC piping.

This drive side view of a size 3REcastiron(C.I.) Blower illustrates the machined surface adjacent to the shaft opening to which a stuffing box gland will be fitted.

An arrangement 9 “RPB” Blower with stainless steel housing and wheel. The stuffing box is fitted with a grease cup. A standard design arrangement 1 base was modified with additional slide rack for motor mounting. The upblast discharge is threaded internally.

For handling corrosive fumes, the housing and wheel of this Type “RPB” Exhauster are fabri-cated of fiberglass. Stainless steel bolts are encapsulated in the inlet flange. The inlet and discharge flanges meet American Standard 125 lb. drilling. The housing drain is also flanged and the base (shown on page 31) is covered with a corrosion resistant coating.


VOLUME FANS A low cost fan with cast iron housing to handle air, hot, cor-rosive or erosive gases, dusts and stringy substances. Capacities from 107 cfm to 8060 cfm. Static pressures to 12" W.G.

FRP EXHAUSTERS These fiberglass reinforced plastic exhausters provide excellent corrosion resistance, with the operating efficiency of a proven fan design. Capacities from 300 cfm to 43,000 cfm. Static ' pressures to 20" W.G.

INDUSTRIAL EXHAUSTERS The most versatile industrial fan for an endless variety of jobs. Three wheel designs to handle granular materials, dust, abrasives, corrosives, fiberous materials and clean air. Capacities from 270 cfm to 85,000 cfm. Static pressures to 20" W.G. and temperatures to 850°F.

CB PRESSURE BLOWERS Designed for the process indus-tries, CB Pressure Blowers deliver high pressure (to 5 psig) at moderate volume (to 100,000 cfm). Rugged construction provides a long service life on a variety of demanding applications including pneumatic conveying, glass blowing, gas boasting and air pollution control systems.

R PRESSURE BLOWERS Type “R" Heavy Duty Pressure Blowers are custom engineered versions of a Type “CB”. Modifications are based on operating conditions involving temperature extremes, corrosives, erosives and higher pres-sures. Type “R” and Type “CB” Pressure Blowers are computer-selected to meet system requirements.